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    Error in ODBC Connection for Data Access in EDC

    Anubhav Srivastava Active Member

      Hi Team,


      We are struggling with the ODBC connection for Data Access in EDC. Due to this we are unable to Profile data using Native type, neither can this be used in Analyst tool to create a reference table. Here is the error message.

      We have all the parameters in place such as ODBCHOME and ODBCINST.


      The Analyst tool cannot display the data preview because of an internal error. Contact an administrator or check the Analyst Service logs.


      [LDTMCMN_0029] The LDTM could not complete the request because of the following error: com.informatica.sdk.dtm.ExecutionException: [EdtmExec_00007] RR_4036 Error connecting to database [

      523 630

      Database driver error...

      Function Name : Connect

      Database driver error...

      Function Name : Connect

      Database Error: Failed to connect to database using user [IICS] and connection string [<ip>,1433].].


      I have changed the actual IP address with <ip>. Also tried with the host name, but no luck.


      I have been through following articles, but none of them worked.





      If anybody faced the same issue, please let me know what can be done here, I have tried many different combinations but same error.




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          Prakash Jain Guru

          Hi Anubhav,


          Could you please post your queries to respective Product(EDC) community ? This community is for Cloud Application Integration Product.



          Prakash Jain

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            Anubhav Srivastava Active Member

            Hi Prakash,


            Thanks for your concern, but this seems to be the correct forum. Here is the path to this discussion:


            Informatica Network > Data Engineering Integration > Enterprise Data Catalog > Discussions


            Please let me know if this query should be posted in some other forum.


            Best Regards,


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              Nagaraja Ganiga Guru

              This error usually occurs when environment variables related to ODBC is not configured correctly. Can you please check if $INFA_HOME/tomcat/temp/envvars.txt and make sure environment variables are considered during Informatica Services startup.


              Sample Environment Variable Set (highlighted ones are important):


              export INFA_HOME=/Informatica

              export ODBCHOME=$INFA_HOME/ODBC7.1

              export ODBC_HOME=$ODBCHOME

              export ODBCINST=$ODBCHOME/odbcinst.ini

              export PATH=$ODBCHOME/bin:$PATH


              export ODBCINI=$ODBCHOME/odbc.ini


              You need to restart Informatica Domain after setting these environment variables.


              For SQL Server, you can connect with or without ODBC DSN. Refer Rules and Guidelines for Microsoft SQL Server for more details.


              If you are connecting to SSL Enabled database, you should use ODBC DSN as connect String. If not, you can use following format as connect String:







              Nagaraja Ganiga

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                Markus Auer New Member

                Hello Anubhav,


                if you are not aware please check also the ssgodbc test tool


                For using DSN.


                In addition to the very good points from Ganiga:


                Again with ODBC  and DSN true the key elements in your odbc.ini are (it's an older INFA version but should be fine)





                Portnumber=<your port number, most likely 1433>


                By usage of DSN the connection String can be anything and mut only resemble the entry in the odbc.ini


                Best regards


                Markus Auer

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                  Madhusoodan Pataki New Member

                  inuser518376 ! Couple more things to check


                  1. Reboot all the services, including domain?

                  2. Is there a LD_LIBRARY_PATH override (on the Admin Console > DIS > Process tab)?

                  3. Verify .bashrc is actually loaded, Echo the environment variable value

                  4. Have you put the env on userA's .bashrc and logged in as userB to restart the Domain earlier?


                  Simplest workaround

                  You can manually set the env variables on the shell and reboot the domain in the same shell (session).