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    Question on Informatica Data Service

    Dhinesh Kumar Guru

      Dear All, We have created a SOAP Data service (Webservice created using IDQ 10.4.1) to receive the data from third Party (Input [Required columns] -> flow 1 -> Load into Oracle DB -> flow2 -> Send response that data received as output). We have created few data services like this and working fine. Data is pushed using unique transaction number, while we using the same number respond as well with status as "data received".


      Now the problem is if there is an issue with database, service sends the default error message with database error (say database is down or record dropped due to connectivity issue that time).


      Now the requirement is send the transaction number as part of the response with database error. I am not sure, we can do this as the issue happened when we hit the DB, in parallel we are sending the response.


      Explored, fault transformation and i don't any an option to achieve this. please through some light here.


      akanksha_jaiswal Akansha_Kaushik syed indrajit