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    How to call one BPEL from another BPEL to generate tasks in P360

    Vishesh R Simha Guru

      Hi All,


      Please help us to achieve below requirement.


      User inactivates an employee in employee record E1. When status is changed an ActiveVos BPEL BP1 process is triggered to fetch all items which had E1 as an employee.


      Requirement is to invoke Activose BPEL process BP2 to trigger P360 workflow tasks for each of the item fetched.


      If 4 items has E1 as employee then one workflow task should be generated which contains 4 items.

      With BP1 I have written logic to identify 4 items. I am stuck invoking BP2 from BP1 for each of the identified item


      I tried to follow KB article 156670  but not able to make much progress.


      Any guidance to achieve this will be very helpful.



      Vishesh R Simha