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    PWX-00274 DBAPI Error & PWX-00228 API code page translation error

    Shiney Abraham Seasoned Veteran

      I'm encountering below error while loading data from source to target for DB2zOS table. Target is empty. Source and Target DB structure, field names and field lengths are same. Primary key fields are also defined in the target. User id is valid too.


      In separate mapping, Im able to read data from source and perform update on the table.



      Severity: ERROR

      Timestamp: 08/04/2020 2:45:31 PM

      Node: Node01_twausltdmapp01

      Thread: WRITER_1_*_1

      : 19294

      : WRT_8229

      Message: Database errors occurred:

      PWX Driver] PWX-00274 DBAPI Error. DB_UPDATE failed for file

      PWX Driver] PWX-00228 API code page translation error. Column
      "__PARAM0041". Buffer length "254".

      PWX Driver] PWX-00999 Program logic error. Prog="DTLTRN". Line=1107.
      P1="Out buffer too small. inputLen 257 > outputSize 254
      output=0x7f90303e9dc8". P2=0.

      PWX Driver] PWX-07516 Update call for table TMEDB08.XMITSN_MEM met a permanent
      error. Return codes 274 228 0.

      driver error...