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    IDQ scanner in EDC for Lineage

    user140700 Seasoned Veteran

      Team, I have the following installs in place today,


      IDQ: v10.4.0 Build 336

      Axon: v6.3

      EDC: v10.4.0


      I am having the most difficult time finding information on how to configure and EDC scanner to read and generate lineage from IDQ mappings.


      I have a source and a target in AZURE; SqlServer  instance.


      When I run the resource it only picks up a profile, which in effect is not listed under the resources.


      I believe I am missing a step of an improper design  ,


      Please share your thoughts, thank you in advance



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          Darren Wrigley Guru

          the DQ scanner is used to import profile results + some scorecard metadata.


          if you want lineage for the DQ mappings - then you should use the Informatica Platform scanner.

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            Shailesh Khuperkar Seasoned Veteran

            As mentioned by Darren, Informatica platform is correct resource to see the lineage from IDQ mappings. You will need to run below scanners to see the lineage for IDQ mappings.


            1. Run resource for your SQL server to get source and target tables in EDC.

            2. Run Informatica platform resource with auto connection assignment. This resource will bring mappings from application you would have deployed in DIS. Auto connection assignment will assign the connections from these IDQ mappings to scanned source and target tables.

            3. Once above resources are run, you should be able to see lineage for source and target tables.


            I hope above helps you.




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