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    Profiling Fails after EDC Upgrade from 10.2.2 to 10.4.1

    Amarendra Reddy Active Member



      Profile Run job fails after upgrading from 10.2.2 to 10.4.1.


      In the upgrade document, we are supposed to copy and replace the odbc.ini file from the old location to the new.  But the new ODBC.ini file has a lot more parameters.


      What is the best practice here?

      - Making changes to the new ODBC.ini file so that it reflects the correct parameter values and correct folder location references, or

      - Copying and pasting the old ODBC.ini file from old location to the new and making the changes to reflect new folder location references.  Won't we lose any upgrades/changes in that case?


      Also, in the ODBC.ini file after upgrade, there is no Reference Data Warehouse section where we are supposed to change the EnableQuotedIdentified parameter to 1.


      Please advise.

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          Shailesh Khuperkar Seasoned Veteran

          Hi A R,

                  We will suggest to copy odbc.ini file from previous version and make changes in the file to reflect new folder location as recommended in Upgrade guide if you have many sources (DSNs) in odbc.ini.


          If you have very less DSNs created in your previous odbc.ini file, you can also use new odbc.ini from upgraded version and add DSN entries from old odbc.ini to new odbc.ini


          Regarding Reference Data Warehouse section, you can add that DSN from old odbc.ini to new upgraded odbc.ini.


          Please let me know if this helps you.




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