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    Parent name for attribute

    Jean-Philippe Bontoux New Member

      Hello there,


      I'm currently generating a complex export with Produkt, Article, Structure and Attribute information.

      I can successfully export the name of the parent group from a specific structure of an article :

      {&Article.Structure ([Structure name]).Parent Group.Name ([language])}


      My question is : how do I it for attributes (see attachment 01.png) ?


      For my attributes I use the {&Merkmale} (attribute in German).

      I have there an "Structure Group" option (see attachment 02.png) but I get only 2 properties : the Structure name (that's ok) and the Structure Group (why again ?).

      For this second property, I don't have any suggestions and whatever I type in, the OK buttons remains disable (see attachment 03.png).

      I don't have the languages nor the version properties.


      Note : this is currently in a sub-module of an Article module.


      I hope to find a solution.

      Thank you for your help in advance.


      Best regards,

      Jean-Philippe Bontoux