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    Restrict column data

    Krazy king New Member

      Hi  All,


      We want to  apply column level restrictions in analyst  ,so that user cannot view those columns  while performing profiling.


      How this can be implemented  in analyst?


      Please help us.

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          Anand k New Member

          Currently there is no option to set column level permission for profiles.

          Better Option is to create 2 different project, One project consisting of profile of all the columns, other having profiles with the limited columns. Then provide the required permission on the Projects.

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            Syed Muzamil Guru

            Hi Krazy King,


            As per the current design limitation we do not have functionality to limit column level restriction however if the requirement is to allow only specific columns for the Analyst users for Profiling, you can create Logical Data Object(LDO) and populate required columns and grant access on those LDO objects to the Analyst users.


            Hope this helps.