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    Create empty GDG version when source is empty

    Nico Heinze Guru

      Dear experts,


      when running PowerCenter with a flat file target, an empty target file is created if there are no source data.

      When writing to a GDG target, however, no new generation is created when the session has no source data.


      I've found that in such a case we can create the GDG base with a CREATEFILE command. The problem for us is that the High-Level Qualifiers for all files differ from environment to environment. Which makes it necessary to change these commands accordingly when deploying a workflow e.g. from DEV to TEST. Which causes more work for the administrators and introduces a new potential source of trouble.


      Is there any easier way to make sure that a session with no source data will create an empty GDG version?


      Any pointers are welcome.

      BTW I'm not at all a mainframe export, so please bear with me if I have to ask "stupid" questions.


      Thanks and regards,