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    Informatica hanged

    Nasima Khatun Active Member

      Hello All


      The informatica services was running but no web page was opening, admin console, analyst and so

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          user126898 Guru

          I would suggest restarting the server if possible and try again.  If not I would log a case with GSC and send the requested logs that they will want to see.





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            Tharini V Active Member

            Hi Nasima Khatun,


            To kill a defunct process, you would need to kill the parent of that process or use the below command :


            kill -9 <defunct process ID> <parent PID of defunct process>


            After ensuring that all the defunct processes are killed, reboot your server machine and then try to start the Informatica Services.


            Let us know your observations.




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              Sachin Kumar Guru

              Can you check the ulimit on server ? Run command ulimit -a

              See what is "open files" and "Max user processes" are set to.

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                Asmita Kesarwani Seasoned Veteran

                Hi Nasima,


                As Scott mentioned you may have to restart complete server to get this resolved.

                Since the processes are in hung state we may have to collect traces on the process and then only we will be able to figure out what went wrong. Analysis of the traces can be done once you log a ticket with GCS.


                Please let us know if that is helpful.




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                  Nasima Khatun Active Member

                  Hello Sachin


                  The  open file size is 128000 and max user process is unlimited


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                    Santosh Gade Seasoned Veteran

                    I would suggest a technical case would be the best in this case . Usually if any process exits it goes defunct first and then the defunct process is killed by OS.


                    So after u killed the processes , why they went defunct would be the query to OS Admins . , however why the processes were hung , unless you had stacks on the process at that point of time is very difficult to determine .

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                      Sachin Kumar Guru

                      Restart the server machine once and then start the Informatica services.

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                        Rajan Rath Guru

                        I see all the Java processes, pmrepagent & pmserver are in a defunct state. Are there any processes which are running fine on the server?


                        First of all, it will be required to check why the processes are in a defunct state as these processes should be cleaned up automatically by the OS.

                        There could be issues at the OS due to which the defunct processes are not cleared up.


                        In such cases, you will face issues even if the Informatica services are restarted.


                        A quick remedy will be to restart the complete server and then start the services.

                        Also keep a track of the defunct processes on the server and have the SA team involved if they grow in numbers.