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    PWX SAP BCI Netweaver- Stop SAP from Sending Data to BCI Listener

    Dhilan Atapattu New Member

      We've a situation where we Use Power Exchange for SAP Netnweaver to fetch dat afrom SAP ECC System. We've integrated few data sources and they work fine.


      But we ran in to a situation where I've sent a SendRequest for a fairly large DataSource. Once the send request is sent it took about 30-40 minutes for SAP to start sending data to BCI_Listener - (Should've been the first clue that the DataSource is huge )


      At the time of making the SendRequest we didn't realize how big this table is and now SAP has been sending data  for almost 12 Hours.


      What I want is to make SAP Stop sending further data so I could make another request with proper filters to reduce the data volume.


      Any idea how to stop this.


      Stopping the BCI_Listener won't work because as soon as we restart the Listener workflow, SAP starts sending the remaining data. (i.e Stopping BCI LIstener Workflow or Killing the Underline DB Sessions etc.)