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    Data Quality Check_MandatoryValues

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      we would like to use the standard Data Quality Check_MandatoryValues to check if a mandatory Structure feature is valued or not for an Item.

      But we have seen that is not possible to set the DQ only on one feature and the default behaviour is that the data Quality checks every Mandatory Strucutre Feature.


      Is our analysis correct?

      If not, how we have to configure the DQ in order to obtain the desired behaviour?


      We are running P360 v10 EBF2.




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          we have solved with a Custom Data Quality.



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            Stefan Reinhardt Guru

            Here is the doc we ship with the rule package just for possible traces back to this thread in the future


            General description

            Check that the attribute has a value if assigned to a feature that is defined as mandatory (e.g. a T-Shirt item needs to have a value for the attribute "Size" if this is a mandatory feature in the "T-Shirt" structure group)

            Sub-Entity type for Input


            Input ports


            Identifier of the parent object. (Object_ID)


            Name of the attribute in the key language of the system. (ArticleAttribute:name)

            inLanguageLanguage of the specific attribute value. (ArticleAttributeLang:language)
            inStructureStructure system of the feature the attribute is assigned to. (ArticleAttributeStructureGroupAttributeMap:structure)
            inStructureGroupStructure group of the feature the attribute is assigned to. (ArticleAttributeStructureGroupAttributeMap:structure)
            inStructureFeatureFeature the attribute is assigned to. (ArticleAttributeStructureGroupAttributeMap.StructureAttribute)
            inAttributeValueAttribute value in its specific language. (ArticleAttributeValue.Value)
            inValueIdentifierIdentifier of the attribute value. (ArticleAttributeValue:identifier)
            inStructurePresetValuePreset values defined by the feature the attribute is assigned to. (ArticleAttributeStructureGroupAttributeMap.DomainValue)

            Output ports

            Object_idReturns the identifier of the parent object. (needed to aggregate status messages from multiple attribute checks to a single parent object status message)


            Returns the overall Status Code after the rule execution (OK or Failed). (QualityStatusEntry.Status)


            Returns the overall Status Message after the rule execution. (QualityStatusEntry.Message)

            Meta data and reference tables


            Contains a 4 digit error code plus a language to indicate the preferred error message to be output.

            Language_InclusionReferences all "languages" considered for the attribute value checks. The languages need to be written like their UI label text in the global standard language of the repository. (e.g. "English" and/or "German" if system language is set to "en" for English).
            Structure_checks_inclusionReferences the "identifier" values for each Structure System of Product 360 considered by the Rule.

            References the global standard language of the Product 360 repository (e.g. "en" for English) using a single line. Language needs to be value recognized by Product 360.

            java_structure_name_lookupJava transformation that synchronizes the database internal and external identifier (that is visible through the UI) of a structure system during rule execution.
            java_CheckAttributeJava Transformation that contains all the logic to gather the required values of the feature each attribute is assigned to.

            Example usage

            Check for all attributes of an item (that are assigned to a feature of a structure system mentioned in "Structure_checks_inclusion") whether they have a value (in the languages mentioned in "Language_Inclusion") if the assigned feature is defined as mandatory.

            Example output




            Pattern: [Structure system], [Structure group], Feature '[Feature name]': The mandatory value [Language] of attribute '[Attribute name]' is missing. [line break; optional]

            Sample Data Consumer Electronics, MultyVision ISIO, Feature 'Color': The mandatory value (French) of attribute 'Color' is missing.