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    Data Processor not returning any data for valid JSON

    Amit Bhartiya Guru

      Hi All,


      I am passing the output of a rest web consumer transformation (Output XML) to a Data processor transformation.
      The data processor is not returning any result for a Json input which is valid( verified on Jsonlint.com). Also, the size is 5KB.
      Interestingly, the mapping log shows the below:

      2020-07-23 11:36:28.613 <TASK_140322520676096-TRANSF_1_1_1> SEVERE: [H2R2H_66000] XML parsing component [Data_Processor_EDC_JSON] message code: [66017], message body: The following error occurred while running the XML processor: [InputFromBuffer: Parser failed (Missing a colon after a name of object member.).- for more information see file:///opt/informatica/powercenter10.4/DataTransformation/CMReports/Tmp/2020-07-23/Data_Processor_EDC_JSON_55_3_23520_U-_-9-5f19adb6-5be0/Events.cme].


      The file Events.cme gives below:

      -sh-4.2$ cat Events.cme







              <m -- XMap%m>







                                      !~303179~1595518588~~InputFromBuffer%Missing a colon after a name of object member.




              </m -- XMap>


      Anyone has an idea how to fix this?
      I can't share the file for privacy reasons.



      Message was edited by: Amit Bhartiya  Added the json response. As the response is big, I am not able to identify where the colon is missin.