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    Copybook with occurs

    Srinivas Javvaji New Member

      We have a requirement where we need to import a copybook have occurs depending on clause, also the file is fixed variable length file.


      How to deal if the record having less or more occurs than predefined value.


      Appreciate if any one guide through!!

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          dan.smith@informatica.com Guru

          PWX supports OCCURS DEPENDING ON n

          PWX supports OCCURS n TIMES

          PWX does not support other forms of OCCURS.


          I would recommend raising a support ticket to get help with this.


          Also, please note that in mainframe-speak, a file is either FIXED or VARIABLE.  There is no FIXED VARIABLE.

          I would recommend getting that clarified before opening a support ticket.


          Given that an OCCURS is involved: OCCURS n TIMES may be FIXED or VARIABLE, depending on what else is in the copybook, while an OCCURS DEPENDING ON is always VARIABLE.


          If you are dealing with one of the 80s era base+displacement type files (Fidelity and EDS were common users of this practice, but not the only ones), then it is almost certainly VARIABLE, and probably not usable with PWX without involving consultants.