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    MDM hub server error

    Sharang Agnihotri New Member

      Hi All,


      I am constantly getting error like below whenever hub server is restarted -


      SipException During VerifyNeedToStrip :SIP-16092: Error occurred in tokenization base. error code: -99; error message: SIP-16126: Error occurred during Hub process Tokenize. Error was Could not initialize class ssa.ssaname3.jssan3cl.

      Tokenize; Could not initialize class ssa.ssaname3.jssan3cl;


      I have tried re-initializing SSAPR and LD Library paths but still tokenization job is getting failed. Does anyone know how to fix this?

      PS - This started after migration to new server

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          Sathiesh M Guru

          The jssan3cl library file must have been corrupted, pls copy from a different env, if doesn’t work, pls reach out to Infa Support and get new file.


          Sathiesh M  |  Infa GCS-MDM

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            danantha Active Member

            Normally this error is due to hub/cleanse/lib not set in LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Linux), PATH (windows), you mentioned you have already checked this.

            The other cause (if Unix) is the way the application server is started (KB 118466).  If you setting these variables in .bash_profile in say user1, and lets say you are logged in as user2 and start the application server as 'sudo -u user1 start_app', this will not set the environment variables as .bash_profile is not executed. Instead start it as 'sudo user1' then 'start_app'  or set the ENV variables in the 'start_app' script itself.


            You can check the appserver logs to see if these are being set


            jboss: server.log , java.library.path should have cleanse/lib

            weblogic: server.out , PATH

            websphere: SystemOut.log , Java Library path =


            If it is set then as Sathiesh mentioned the file could be corrupt or permission issues

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              Pandiarajan B Seasoned Veteran

              Another possibility is even when you have defined these variables might be its not get picked during startup.


              Please ensure you have set these variables in the setDomainEnv.sh or setDomainEnv.bat file present under the $WL_HOME/bin directory and restart the AppServer. For other application servers, ensure to set these variables in their corresponding startup scripts.