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    Issues with Cloud API - 'job' endpoint

    Anton Petrov New Member



      I'm trying to use Informatica Cloud API to automate some manual work.


      Basically, API works fine. However, we cannot use one POST API endpoint – job.


      I tried different combinations of parameters, tried to use the data from the example, but I constantly get one error:


          "@type": "error",

          "code": "APP_13402",

          "description": "An error occurred while parsing a JSON object.",

          "statusCode": 400




      Here is the request I'm using:

      POST /saas/api/v2/job HTTP/1.1

      Host: na2.dm-us.informaticacloud.com

      icSessionId: 0PjLwwlR4iwfKN6ndWYV4B

      Content-Type: application/json

      Accept: application/json



      "taskId": "000CHM0N00000000005K",

      "taskType": "Workflow"



      What is wrong with this request? What is the problem?

      Also, where can I find more information about error codes (e.g. what does APP_13402 mean)?


      Looking forward to your reply.