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    How to Change TEMP file path

    Kittu Babu Guru

      Hi Team


      I need to Install Informatica PowerCenter 10.x. As per my knowledge some temp files created while doing installation.


      Whtat is the default location for this & Would it be possible to change the temp file path ? We would like to make it in different folder/file path.



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          Pavan kumar Guru

          Hi Kittu,


          In PowerCenter, it is possible to change the temporary folder used by Informatica Installation by adding or changing the environment variable IATEMPDIR on Unix/Linux. refer to the following example:




          a) Korn shell:

          export IATEMPDIR=/new/temp/dir


          b) Bourne shell:

          IATEMPDIR=/new/temp/dir; export IATEMPDIR


          Thank you,


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            user136699 Active Member

            As Pavan suggested, set the environment variable IATEMPDIR.

            The default temp directory is /tmp and there may be space and/or permission issues with that directory.


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              Asmita Kesarwani Seasoned Veteran

              Hi Kittu,


              Additionally, please find the temp directory space required and the permission required:


              Disk space for the temporary files


              The installer writes temporary files to the hard disk. Verify that you have 1 GB disk space on the machine to support the installation. When the installation completes, the installer deletes the temporary files and releases the disk space.


              To install Informatica with the application services enabled, verify a minimum disk space of 18 GB and a memory of 6 GB RAM. Out of the 18 GB disk space, 14 GB disk space is required for the product installation binaries. Based on the runtime configurations that you perform, the Informatica services might use a disk space around 13,846 MB. 1 GB disk space is the temporary disk space used.


              Permissions for the temporary files

              Verify that you have read, write, and execute permissions on the /tmp directory.




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                user101600 Guru

                when you run the installer it uses the IATEMPDIR variable to determine what directory to place temp files in.

                In addition you should also change your temp dir in linux for the user thats running the installer.





                export TMPDIR TMP TEMP