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    Deployment Group Rollback

    Kittu Babu Guru

      Hi Team


      We've migrated the Objects from DEV to QA through Deployment groups. After that user has made changes to one of the object in QA (Target) environment.


      If we rollback the the Deployment Group, will that work. Bcoz user has made changes for one of the object.

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          Shivanga Srinivas Bandaru Active Member

          Hi Kittu,


          Assuming this is a versioned repository, why do you want to rollback the deployment if changes are made to just one object?

          Rollback of the deployment group will work but the object that was changed may become invalid.




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            user136699 Active Member

            I suspect you can delete that version of the object that the user made changes to. That will make the previous version ( the one that was deployed) the current version.


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              Asmita Kesarwani Seasoned Veteran

              Hi Kittu,


              As Girish mentioned you can purge the latest version of that object.


              If you purge the latest version, the repository does not keep a record of the purge.


              You use the Repository Manager to purge versions. When you purge versions of objects, you can perform the following tasks:


              Purge individual object versions.

              You can select object versions in the View History window or Query Results window to purge the individual object versions.


              Purge versions based on criteria.

              You can purge versions at the repository, folder, or object level based on purge criteria. This type of purge is called an advanced purge. Use advanced purges to purge deleted or active objects. For deleted objects, you can specify the objects to purge based on the date of deletion. For active objects, you specify the versions to purge based on the version number, the check-in date, or both.


              Preview purge results.

              Preview an advanced purge to view the purge results before you purge objects from the repository. You can view summary or detailed information about the purge.


              Purge composite objects.

              You can purge versions of composite objects, and you can purge versions of dependent objects that make up composite objects. View object dependencies before you purge composite objects. You might get unexpected results if you do not determine the dependent object versions that a purge affects.


              Please let us know if that helps.




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                Tharini V Active Member

                Hi Kittu Babu,


                Yes, all the unchanged objects deployed through the deployment group will be rolled back in case of versioned repository. The object for which the changes are made, you would get the below error:


                Cannot rollback this object because there is a newer version(s) on top of the version deployed


                In such cases, you can just delete the newer version of the object inorder to roll it back.