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    Business Title ingestion in custom resource

    Avigail Berman Active Member


      I'm using custom metadata load to add resources to the catalog.

      I'm looking for a way to set the business title of an asset not manually in the Catalog.

      Is there a way to add this title in the resource metadata such as core.name or core.description?




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          Shannon Walton Seasoned Veteran

          Hi, Avigail. In our operations for EDC, we use the REST APIs to do what you are describing.


          We create our custom model and custom resource, then load a CSV with enrichment values including display name (which is one flavor of "Business Title"), custom attribute values, etc. We trigger all of this using a Java utility which uses the various REST APIs for EDC to perform the different steps of the load.


          Alternatively, you could bulk load the display names using the Export/Import feature from the EDC GUI. The syntax/format of the column headers and values is predictable. You can reverse engineer a template by exporting out what you want to include and then just populating that template as part of your development process. You'd then need an operator (person) to run the import. You can do this for up to 200k rows per import, and they don't have to be isolated to a single resource (at least in EDC 10.4.1+).


          There may be other alternatives, but those described above are working for us.