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    Conventional Installation of IDQ 10.4.1 on AWS EC2 Instance

    Ashutosh Jumde Active Member

      Can we install IDQ 10.4.1 on the AWS EC2 instance through a Conventional / Manual Installation procedure which is similar to what is followed while installing the IDQ on any premise server?


      We do not want to use the AWS Marketplace Solution for Deploying Informatica 10.4.1 which creates the EC2 instances and RDS instances on its own.

      As we have dedicated Cloud management team which is responsible for managing and assigning the required AWS components like EC2 instances , RDS instances etc ; we would only be able to follow the Conventional / Manual installation procedure once we get the EC2 and RDS instances from the cloud management team.


      The documentation says the conventional / manual installation is possible for 10.1 - here is the like



      Need confirmation if this is possible for 10.4.1 version as well.