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    BES REST API Fuzzy Search on Child table

    Sundar Mariappan Active Member

      I am trying to do BES REST fuzzy search on one of the child table. But I am not getting expected result.


      I have business entity Organization as parent table & Address as one of the child table in BE. I have two match rules configured in Parent Organization BO. Both the rules enabled for search by rules. First rule is configured with fuzzy name columns from parent table and the other rule is configured with Fuzzy Address columns from child table


      The name fuzzy search on parent is working fine and I am getting expected result. But the Address fuzzy search on child table is not working. Please find below for the requests which I am using for Parent table fuzzy search by name and child table fuzzy search by address fields.


      Parent Table Name Fuzzy Search -



      Child Table Fuzzy Search -





      Can anyone please help me what is the issue in my request.