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    temp param reason appears truncated

    Jackie Bauer New Member

      Hi Experts!


      I have a DataTask that writes parameters to a SQL Server table. I am able to accurately capture and write the DataTask's parameters like RunID, Task_Status, Success_Source_Rows, etc. using an assignment step and assigning temp output parameters to an In/Out parameter that writes to the SQL Server table.


      The issue I am having is that in the custom error path, I want to capture the Reason but I am only able to pull the first 19 characters. This error Reason is correctly sent (with no truncation) in the email that is sent for the failure though.


      Here is the truncated example="RR_4035 SQL Error [ "

      Here is the correct, non truncated example, that is sent in email when the mapping fails: "RR_4035 SQL Error [ FnName: Execute -- [Informatica][ODBC SQL Server Wire Protocol driver][Microsoft SQL Server]Adding a value to a 'datetime' column caused an overflow.]."


      The one that is getting truncated is getting assigned to an InOut parameter (and then written to the SQL db) using content:  {$temp.DTsk_azs_SamplesProjectsXref[1]/fault[1]/reason}.


      The In/Out parameter is set up as string with 255 characters. The database columns is set up as nvarchar(255).


      Would anyone know why this is getting truncated and how to get the full text of the temp parameter "reason" written to the database?


      Thank you,