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    How to handle database server migration for existing EDC resource?

    Tamil Dhanabalan New Member

      We need some recommendation or best practices to support the following situation:


      1. We currently have EDC relational resource for Oracle database in our on-premise data center. It is currently running Oracle 11gR2 version.
      2. We are in the process of performing a lift & shift where we are moving these database to our Azure PaaS servers and upgrade the database software to Oracle 19c.
      3. As part of this lift and shift exercise, we expect the database service name, database server host name and database port number to change slightly but the contents of the schema or database to remain the same.


      How can we repoint the EDC resource to the new server without losing much of the resource information?


      We are trying to make sure the collaboration comments, etc., to be retained after the database migration.

      Can we get some lessons learnt or known limitations etc.,?




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          Pravanth Kkumar New Member



          In order to handle database server migration for existing resources. We need to make sure the below back-ups are taken before changing the database server.


          - MRS backup.

          - Catalog Service backup.


          In MRS Database only the Catalog Service Metadata is stored for the resources. Once the backup is migrated, then we can change the connection string and database schema details for MRS in Admin Console and restore the MRS contents from the backup which we have taken.


          Once the MRS restore is done, eventually we can restore the LDM contents from the backup contents.


          In this way, we can handle database server migration.


          Note: Starting from EDC 10.4, we do support Oracle 19c for MRS database and Domain Database.


          Go through the Upgrade Planner for EDC 10.4.1