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    PAM (Product Availability Matrix) file of IDQ 10.4

    inuser526279 Seasoned Veteran

      Hi Team,


      I understand that we do not have a separate PAM file for Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) 10.4.

      When i go through Informatica 10.4 platform PAM file, I found most of the components pertaining to IDQ over there.

      May I please ask if below are the only sheets pertaining to IDQ in above mentioned PAM file?


      1. OS & DB Support

      2. Domain

      3. Profiling Warehouse-Ref_data DB

      4. AT,DQ, PWX Relational

      5. AT, BDQ, PWX - HDFS Hive Hbase ( why Analyst tool is combined to BDQ and Powerexchange though?)


      Kindly advise.