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    API support for Operational Insights CAI panel?

    Jon Nettum Active Member



      I've heard that Operational Insights will have support for Cloud Application Integration assets (similar as it has for Cloud Data Integration) sometime in 2020.


      Will there be API support for the Operational Insights panels? Either CAI or CDI?


      As far as I understand, the OI is completely GUI based. I'm looking for a way to extract the information in the OI to some computer based monitoring system. Is this possible in some regard? I guess all the information in the OI comes from the Secure Agent logs, is this correct? If APIs is not supported at the OI-for-CAI release, are there other ways to achieve the computer based monitoring?


      Thank you.




      Jon Nettum

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          Sorabh Agarwal Support Moderators

          Hi Jon,

          OpsInsights for Cloud Application Integration is already available with Spring 2020 release but not available generally to all. This is a phased rollout which will be available first through request on specific POD and then made available to other PODs.


          Currently, there is no API access to OpsInsights data.



          Sorabh Agarwal

          Informatica Cloud Product Management