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    In Informatica powercenter how to load multiple column data into the single Attribute list of XML

    Thenmozhi Durairaj New Member



      my Target XML look like,


      <Product UserTypeID="sample1" ID="001">


                <Value AttributeID="Empno">101</Value>

                <Value AttributeID="Name">Ram</Value>

                <Value AttributeID="Age">34</Value>




      while importing this XML target into informatica.I am only getting Product,values,value and single AttributeID.


      My requirement is to load EMPNO,Name and Age to target.With this single AttributeId how I am load the data of these three ports?

      Is there any other way to get this AttributeID port three time or based on the dataValue of that attribute?


      I tried all the options in infa PC while importing the XML definition but nothing will help.Please suggest Any way to attain this?