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    Using BES REST API , how to return only those child values that match the child filter criteria

    Global AAPS New Member

      Using Multidomain MDM 10.3 HF2 . JBoss and Sql Server.

      We have used the BES for all data domains and using REST API calls for returning records for a domain.

      Example: Client API returns, Client with all child Addresses and Grandchild Country Lookup , Office Lookup and Address Type lookup

      Two use cases,

      I can use the REST API to filter based on child/grand child attributes (Example Address Line, Type, Country etc) but continues to return all Child and grand child elements for that filtered set of Client records.

      How can I use the REST API to filter based on grand child attributes and also only return the child and grand child attributes that match the filter criteria in addition to the Client records.

      The API call returns all children Addresses for that filtered Client instead of just the one that matches the criteria