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    Not able to parse attribute value to variable.

    sudha pininti New Member


      I have the below input xml data that i am reading using a FileParser to pick the file from.


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


      <entry key="type">Document</entry>

      <entry key="aspects">auditable</entry>



      I would like to pick the value 'Document' from this input and assign it to a temp field. This will hence be used later in the process.

      I tried the below XQuery in the formula section of the assignment task:

      for $x in $input.fileEvent[1]/content//*:properties

      where $x/entry[@key='type']

      return $x/entry[@key='type']/data()


      Atatched herewith the screenshot.


      However, it did not assign any value to the variable. The same XQuery works perfectly and returns me the value 'Document' when i try it using another tool such as BaseX.


      Can you tell me what the Xquery should be ?