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    How to present relationship between two assets of different customer resources in Informatica EDC 10.4

    Liron Patau New Member

      How to present the relationship between assets of different custom resources in EDC?

      More information: I've created 2 custom resources (of the same model) in EDC and was able to load the assets and to show the relationship between the assets of the same resource in EDC (using the objects.csv and links.csv files and the appropriate configuration of the model.xml and viewConfiguration.xml files).


      What I'm trying to do no is to show the same associations I'm already showing between the assets of the same resource, but now between the assets of the different resources.


      For example:

      Resource1 assets: Asset1, Asset1/Asset2

      Resource2 assets: Asset3, Asset3/Asset4


      I want to show the relationship between Asset1 and Asset3/4 just like I'm showing it for Asset1 and Asset 1/Asset2.


      I tried to use the links.csv and also the lineage.csv but so far with no success.



      Sample relationship view:



      Thanks in advance!