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    When scanning a DEI application using dynamically generated parameter values, how does impact my Informatica Platform Resource configuration?

    John Quillinan Seasoned Veteran

      I am scanning an IP (DEI) application that uses dynamically generated parameter values. I can export the parameter and values from the mapping within an application using the Developer tool.


      When an application that uses dynamic mappings for read or write transformation objects is deployed, the MRS saves that version of the application, the parameter sets, and their current values at deployment.  The next time that the application is run, do the parameter values stored in the MRS remain the same as when the application was deployed?


      Do we need the dynamically generated parameter data set(s) from the file system to know what values were used with the last run?  If so, then if an organization wants to scan a DEI application with dynamic mappings on a regular basis, with the goal of viewing lineage, they would need a process to feed the current parameter file set to EDC, and rerun the IP (DEI) Resource. Is this correct?


      Also, anytime the source and target sources change in the mappings, EDC would show the those from the last successful EDC IP run.  In other words, we would no longer have lineage from past EDC runs. Historical lineage would be lost.  Is this correct?