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    Definedomain error on 9.5.1 linux install

    Jamie Adams New Member

      I have installed Informatica 9.5.1 on a Linux server.  I am trying to define the domain:

      ./infasetup.sh definedomain -du infadomain -dp #### -dt oracle -dn Dom_Pat961 -ad Administrator -pd #### -ld /home/oracle/Informatica/9.5.1/server/infa_shared -nn node01_Pat -na -mi 25000 -ma 60000 -rf /home/oracle/Informatica/9.5.1/isp/bin/nodeoptions.xml -cs "jdbc:informatica:oracle://;ServiceName=OBIAINFD_iad1wt.ptendbsub.pattersonvcn.oraclevcn.com;EncryptionLevel=required;EncryptionTypes=AES128;DataIntegrityLevel=required;DataIntegrityTypes=SHA1"


      I am receiving this error:

      [ICMD_10033] Command [definedomain] failed with error [[INFASETUP_10002] Cannot create the domain because of the following error: [PERSISTENCEAPI_0307] [DBPERSISTER_2015] Failed to upgrade the Model repository. This was caused by [PERSISTENCEAPI_0307] [PERSISTENCECOMMON_6004] Internal error. An exception happened. This was caused by [informatica][Oracle JDBC Driver]Communication error: The stream provided does not contain the number of bytes specified. For batches, please ensure that streams are reset before subsequent addBatch calls. This is a non-recoverable error and the connection has been terminated..].


      I moved the unlimited JCE 6 files to /home/oracle/Informatica/9.5.1/java/jre/lib/security.


      I also downloaded the ojdbc jar files and replace them in /home/oracle/Informatica/9.5.1/tomcat/lib. I tried ojdbc5 and then ojdbc6.  Both resulted in the above error.


      What is causing this error?