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    ActiveVOS installation - Configuration Wizard Error

    Spidy 2406 Seasoned Veteran

      Hi All,

      I am trying to install ActiveVOS but during the configuration wizard run i am getting the error. I have followed the below steps and attached the error details.

      1. Installed the activeVOS server

      2.In the ActiveVOS root path (D:/Informatica/ActiveVOS), I have placed the SQL JDBC driver( microsoft 8.2 version for SQL server) and tomcat 8.5.51

      3.Try to run the configuration wizard - This is where I am getting struck and facing error.


      Additional details

      This is the fresh setup an would like to install the Database through configuration wizard, this is the place i am getting error ( either due to the JDBC Driver issue or due to the SQL server name it did not connect)

      My server name has the backslah (\) character - example - ABC\1521. So i guess it is not reading the server name properly ( You can check the install.properties file), help me how system can read the server name properly.


      Please help me to resolve this issue asap.