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    Plug-in validation error when starting Model Repository Service

    Andrey Dudkin New Member



      I have a brand new installation of Informatica 10.2.0 HotFix1 Build: 417 on RHEL Server 7.6


      When I am trying to start Model Repository Service I receive the following error:

      Could not execute action...

      The Service MRS_DEV could not be enabled due to the following error: MRS - [PEV_10011] Plug-in validation error: [[PEV_10012] The adapter [jsonparser Adapter Feature] encountered the following errors during installation: [[PEV_10004] Failed to validate plug-ins due to a version mismatch in the domain. Verify that the plug-in versions are compatible. The following mismatches were detected [[[pluginName = com.infa.products.sdk.adapter.parser.json.metadata, localVersion = 10.2.200.qualifier , domainVersion = 1.1.0]]].


      If I try the following command:

      ./infasetup.sh validateAndRegisterAllFeatures

      It shows:

      [INFASETUP_10095] INFO: Skipping Plug-in File [/opt/ipc/plugins/conf/jsonparser.xml] because Feature [jsonparser Adapter Feature] with version [1.1.0] is already registered .


      Could you please advise how I can reinstall and\or re-register the jsonparser plugin?


      Thank you

      Version 10.2.0 HotFix1 Build: 417