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    10.4 SIP-09131: General Decryption failure in Process Server

    Jeremy Jensen Guru

      Setup: MDM 10.4/Windows 2016/JBOSS 7.1


      We're seeing the process server fail to successfully batch groups with the following error:


      [ERROR] com.delos.util.StringUtil: Unable to decrypt

      java.security.InvalidKeyException: Key is null

      at com.siperian.sif.client.CertificateHelper.decrypt(CertificateHelper.java:319)


      The decryption process is failing due to a null encryption key, but then the process server attempts to decrypt with blowfish with a failure:


      [2020-05-21 03:49:36,961] [default task-48] [WARN ] com.delos.util.StringUtil: Attempt to fall back to blowfish

      [2020-05-21 03:49:36,961] [default task-48] [WARN ] com.delos.util.StringUtil: For input string: "XX"

      java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "XX"


      The KB has some references to a similar issue when attempting to log into the hub console. But here, we're seeing it on the process server side when attempting to run a batch group.


      To make it more complicated, when the batch group is run right after the failure (without changing any settings), it succeeds.


      Is anyone seeing this issue on the process server side?