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    Getting "Cannot export profile results.   500" error while exporting scorecard in Analyst

    Varsha Nair New Member

      Getting the below error while trying to export scorecard from Informatica Analyst 10.4.


      Cannot export profile results.

      500 com.informatica.profiling.services.api.ExportManager.exportScoreCardsDataToExcel(Lcom/informatica/profiling/services/model/ProfileExportContext;Lcom/informatica/profiling/services/model/persist/result/ScorecardIdentifier;Lcom/informatica/profiling/services/model/persist/scorecard/Scorecard;Lcom/informatica/metadata/common/codepage/CodePage;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;)Lcom/informatica/profiling/services/model/ProfileExportDetail;


      Currently I am able to export results from a profile but cannot export from Scorecard. I was not able to find any leads on how to fix this issue. Any help on how to fix this issue is really appreciated.