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    How do I profile columns of Windows/Linux semi structured files?

    John Quillinan Seasoned Veteran

      "EDC Data Sources" tab of the Informatica PAM 10.4.0 indicates that Column Profiling and Data Discovery is supported for semi structured files on Windows / Linux file systems.

      Screenshot of File Systems section of EDC Data Sources from Informatica 10.4 PAM


      I don't see a Connection type in Informatica Administrator to appears to support profiling.


      When I started to create my resource, it looks like I don't need to specify a Connection as the Source.  Please confirm what Connection type, if any, that I used for profiling of semi structured file on

      • Windows / Linux file systems
      • Microsoft OneDrive
      • Microsoft SharePoint
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          Venkatesh Srinivasan Seasoned Veteran

          Hi John,

          'Source Connection Name' name parameter is not mandatory for File System resource. So you can skip this parameter. File contents will be read and profiled if the user name given in resource configuration has read access on the files.


          All three resources types are supported.

          If the file resides in Windows/Linux machines, I recommend to use resource type as 'Windows/Linux file systems' instead of uploading them to OneDrive or SharePoint and accessing the files using different resource types.