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    error response: INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR exception [Invalid XPath :/INFA:

    Srikanth Gazula Seasoned Veteran

      I am trying to use a workday custom report(RaaS) in Informatica Cloud and stuck with errors here. Below is the process I followed.


      1. Created a custom report in Workday, from the WSDL file I copied the REST URL for using Custom Report as a webservice.

      2. Created a swagger file to using Informatica Cloud Swagger utility, created a REST V2 connection with the swagger file.

      3. Created  a simple mapping with REST V2 connector as source and connected a group to flatfile output to test the REST V2 output.

      4. I am receiving the error as below,

      Cannot create an Unstructured Data transformation.

      BUT when I check the tomcat log below is the actual error that I see.

      ERROR: 2020-05-20 16:30:18,367 com.informatica.b2b.dt.udtnotation_ws.controller.UDTNotationController - error response: INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR exception [Invalid XPath :/INFA:GetOneTimePayment_OUTPUT/GetOneTimePayment/Response_200/GetOneTimePayment/wd:Report_Data/wd:Report_Entry]


      Can anyone help me here about the error, postman returns a proper response.


      I have searched the Informatica Network and haven't found any solution for this. Anyone using workday custom reports w/ REST V2 connector in IICS - CDI?