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    Not all source columns of XML file are read

    Kiran Lalge Active Member



      I have received an XML source file and I just wanted to test if that goes through Informatica. I do not have its XSD yet. I created XML source by importing that XML file and created a mapping. The XML SQ has 4 groups (XML views). I attached 4 flat file target transformations in front of the XML SQ (one for each XML view).


      The problem is that the target file is loaded with partial data. Not all of the source columns of input XML file are read. More than 50% of the columns (input XML tags) are populated blank in the target files. Tried Verbose data but still Informatica reads the non-blank tags as blank. No error in session log. Input XML file is valid.


      Any advice will be appreciated.


      Many thanks,

      Kiran Lalge