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    IDQ- Consolidation Tx -Modal Exact Strategy question

    Varun Neranki New Member



      I am new to IDQ and was working on Consolidation Tx, Can some please explain me Modal Exact strategy.?

      It says consolidated row will be decided by "the row with the highest count of the most frequent values.".  For example, consider a row that has three ports that contain the most frequent values in the record group. The count of the most frequent values for that row is "3."


      If we see t he example given in Informatica guide,



      I was assuming the 1st row will be picked up since Name, Address ,City, State ,Zip Code, SSN all 6 ports contain the values which are repeated either in 2 or 3rd row

      Where as 3rd record: has only Address, City, State Zip Code, SSN 5 ports  contain the values which are repeated in 1 or 2nd row.


      I think I did not understand the explanation given in the guide correctly. Can any one please help to understand why 3rd record was picked up as Survival record?