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    What is the exact value returned by NumExceptions as part of exception count data from the Exception transformation?

    Ashutosh Jumde Active Member

      As per KB article 449840 – the exception count data from the Exception transformation must be bound to a mapping output created on the mapping.

      This is showed as NumExceptions from the exception transformation.

      What is exact value returned by this NumExceptions? Is it :

      1. Number of exception records created during the current execution of the mapping? OR
      2. Number of exception records already in the system which includes those which are not yet resolved along with the newly created exception records? OR
      3. Any other definition


      I tried using the NumExceptions and as per the KB article 449840 I bounded the same as output for the mapping . When trying to use this variable , I am facing issue.

      The exception management mapping ran without any bad/exception records. But still the condition on NumExceptions  = var_count > 0 passes as true.

      Need help for this issue.