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    Export a field from a parent sub-entity

    Luca Schirru Active Member



      we have to export, from a sub-entity (marked below as SubEntity2), some fields that belongs from the parent (marked below as SubEntity1) of this sub-entity.


      The model is structured as follows:

      Root entity ( Article [Item] )

           SubEntity1 ( ArticleDomainType (articleDomain) )

                SubEntity2 ( ArticleSubDomainType (articleSubDomain) )


      SubEntity1 is Root entity and SubEntity2 is SubEntity1's child.


      In Export perspective, when we try to export a field of SubEntity1 using the SubEntity2 DataType, the only parent entity that is showned is Root Entity and we have to qualify the SubEntity1 field.

      Is correct to expect that we do not have to qualify the field if this belongs to a parent sub-entity?

      Can you please help us to solve this problem?



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          Daniel Walter Guru

          Hi Luca,


          Please make sure to call your submoudles in the root module, and save your template.

          Then you should be able to select subentity1 fields from subentity 2 without fully-qualifying them.


          In my example I selected Attribute Name (which is on the subentity 1 (attributes)) from attribute-values submodule (subentity 2), see screenshot.




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            Luca Schirru Active Member

            Hi Daniel,


            thanks for the response.

            The submodules call was made correctly, but we understood (also with Informatica support Help) that to make what we need a costom development was needed.

            This because the behaviour that we wanted was a special behaviour avalibale only for certain subentities (ArticleNutrient for example) and to have it in other entities we had to make this custom development.


            Thanks again for the answer.