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    Data source of type Unknown not supported while generating worklfow.

    Padmanabha G Seasoned Veteran



      I am using DB2 unload file(in mainframe) as a source ,getting below error message while generating workflow.


      Data source of type Unknown not supported

      at com.informatica.ilm.pdmds.offline.jobstephandlers.workflow.GenerateWorkFlow.run(GenerateWorkFlow.java:102)

      at com.informatica.ilm.pdmds.offline.internal.OfflineJobStep.runInternal(OfflineJobStep.java:59)

      ... 2 common frames omitted

      Caused by: com.informatica.ilm.tdms.mapgen.exceptions.


      Informatica TDM version 10.2.0.HF2. Using PWX connections.


      Does informatica TDM support DB2 unload files as source?