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    Need to understand the logic behind PKEY generation for records entered through API calls

    Inbaraj Anbalagan Active Member

      Informatica MDM 10.2


      We have a front end website, to enter real-time data into MDM. The webiste sends a JSON request to MDM  which has a composite call to insert/update parent and child records in a single transaction.


      Our issue is sometimes the records entered has PKEY like 'SYS:<rowid_object>' or PKEY  like <numeric value>. This is creating inconsistency in the data.

      Is there anyway we can make sure the PKEY generated will always be a numeric value.


      We tried executing the JSON request in SOAP for multiple source systems including Admin, still in SOAP it always generates numeric value as PKEY.

      However when the same call is made by the Front end application, it shows dual nature (sometimes numeric PKEY and sometimes as 'SYS:<rowid_object>')


      Please share your ideas on how to identify the issue.