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    Oracle number data type issues when imported to hive decimal data type

    Abdul Mannan Active Member



      i am using informatica developer 10.4 and HDP 3.1.4 (hive 3.1.0) and trying to load a simple table from oracle database having number data  type to hive decimal data type. The issue is when the number precision is greater than 15 or max i.e. 38, data in hive column is incorrect. Upto 15 digits, data is correct in hive column and after that it appends 0 (zero) as garbage value.


      I've tried running the job on blaze, native & spark but all of them had the same issue. Even when informatica creates or reuses hive table, result is the same.

      On the other hand, i've verified that using sqoop, data is loaded perfectly in hive table.


      Is there any way to fix this issue?




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