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    Query for informatica big data management

    Sumit S Active Member



      How can I acquire theory and practical knowledge of Informatica Big Data Management? Intent is to upgrade my skills. Is knowledge of big data necessary? Is there any free account available like in AWS?



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          puneeth natesha Active Member

          Hi Sumit,


          Please log in to Success Portal to know more about Informatica product and product knowledge.


          Also, subscribe to Informatica support youtube portal to see the product's new features demo.



          Please let us know if you have any specific questions?





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            user126898 Guru

            Hi Sumit,

            You can also find all of the documentation on docs.informatica.com.


            Just for reference we have re-branded BDM to DE (Data Engineering).  Big data has been paired to hadoop and the current trends are moving away from hadoop based systems to serverless type setups.


            That being said knowledge of big data is not 100% needed as Informatica takes care of the heavy lift but some knowledge of spark processing, mapreduce and the different stores involved in DE type processing would be extremely recommended. (hdfs,hive,s3, blob, spark.....).


            The DE platform can be evaluated by customers but you would need to work with an Informatica Account manager to start the trail.