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    Datamasking - Schema change

    Dimitris Karistinos New Member

      Hello team,

      I was wondering how people treat the possible schema changes that may happen in a database that already has a datamasking project on it.


      Do you recreate everything? Is there another way to reflect the changes?


      Possible changes might be, add/remove table add/remove columns from the physical database.


      To my understanding so far, I am approacing this as part of the change request, where developers have to update or recreate the masking/subseting prpject.


      Any ideas are most welcome.



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          Abishek M Active Member

          If there are changes in the Constraints / Column name and Table names then the project should be recreated.


          If the change is only Schema Name , then you can edit the Plan and make the following changes :


          a. For Schema Name change > Edit the Plan > Source Settings :

                                  i. Choose the Table for which the Value should be changed > Select "Override data source setting'

                                 ii. Under Source and Target > Update the Runtime Source Owner name and Target Prefix Name.