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    Where cache, param, Src and Tgt files located

    sri sri Seasoned Veteran

      Hi Experts,


      I am new to Cloud Data Integration. While working with Lookup I just got few questions in mind. Could you please clarify?


      In case of PowerCenter, we are going to have server access where we can keep our cache, param, Src and Tgt files. But in case of cloud integration where all these files are stored and how we can access them? Please provide link if any document is availale with this info.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Akshaye Shreenithi Kirupa Guru

          Hi Sri


          The cache files will get created in the below path in secure agent installation directory,

          $PMCachDir = <installtion directory>\Informatica Cloud Secure Agent\apps\Data_Integration_Server\data\cache

          There parameterized values can be seen in Administrator console under Secure agent > System Configuration details > Dtm


          It is possible to modify this default path, for this please refer to the steps shared in below KB


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            sri sri Seasoned Veteran

            Hello Akshaye,


            Sorry for delay in responding to your response. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. In PowerCenter we have server which is a common location for storing Src,Tgt and cache files. But as per my understanding in Cloud Data Integration Secure Agent is a light weight component installed in each client machine. In this case how Src,Tgt and cache files stored in installation directory(secure agent) of a client machine can be accessed by others? If possible, could you please help in understanding how it works in an organization having 3 client machines C1, C2 and C3? How they access cloud application and also how Secure Agents configured across C1,C2 and C3? how Src,Tgt and cache files are shared across.


            Thanks in advance.


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              user126898 Guru

              The secure agent may seem lightweight it is not in any way.  Here is the reason why.


              Lets take powercenter.  You had a domain and under that domain you had a repository service and an integration service.  The repository as the metadata store and the integration service as the runtime execution engine.


              Now to IICS.  You have your Cloud Org and the Secure agent.  The Org is the domain and metadata store rolled into one and the secure agent is the integration service.  Not very lightweight as you can imagine as the integration service.


              Now does the Secure agent go on every client machine: Nope.


              The secure agent is designed to act like the powercenter integration service so it can/should be installed on a central server just like powercenter where everyone access.   This way you have the concept of shared files.  Now you can also install it local on the client machines but I would not recommend doing so as they are most likely windows and windows...lets say is not very good.



              hopefully that answers your question.




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                sri sri Seasoned Veteran

                Hello Scott,


                Thanks for explaining it well. Please correct me if my understand is wrong.


                • In an organization Secure Agent installed in a central server and files are stored in that machine where they are accessible to everyone.
                • Runtime environment is configured in central server and used by all clients to run jobs.


                And how all clients connect with central server? is there any process in cloud similar to configure domain in PowerCenter?


                Thanks in advance.