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    Issue: Import OOTB Data Domains in LDM/EDC

    Kaustuv Chatterjee Seasoned Veteran



      I was trying to import the OOTB data domain in EDC as mentioned:510534

      But I was bit confused about what to update below field in XML:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><importParams xmlns="http://www.informatica.com/oie/importControl/9">


      <folderMap recursive="true" resolution="replace" sourceProject="TestProject" targetProject="DOMAINGROUPPRJ">





      <rebind source="StagingDBConnection" target="StagingDBConnection"/>





      Do we only need to target="StagingDBConnection" with the connection name assigned to the CMS service or both source="StagingDBConnection" and target="StagingDBConnection"