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    Duplicate live input values from one field in two separate fields

    Berry S. New Member

      Hi all,


      We are using the Short Description field limited to 70 characters. What we would like to achieve in first place is to highlight the first 40 characters. According to Informatica eSupport, this is not possible.


      As a work around I thought of the following solution:

      The yellow highlighted fields will not be used for export. They just need to provide what the first 40 and the last 30 characters are.


      I thought of doing this during import and mapping the fields to all 3 separate fields, but with functions included. The downside of this is that you need imports to trigger the function and thus, not a workable solution. It is important that when you edit the Description short field in for example the Web UI, that it automatically needs to adjust the values in the 40 & 30 character fields.


      Does anyone have an idea to do this?


      Kind regards,