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    Basic Authentication not working while calling a rest consumer transformation in IDQ

    Amit Bhartiya Seasoned Veteran

      Hi All,
      I am trying to invoke a get call on Informatica EDC using Rest consumer transformation.

      The problem here is with the authentication.

      In the header i am trying to provide a basic authentication 'Basic <encoded value>' for my username and password. However, the end system i.e Informatica Entrprise data catalogue is LDAP based.
      The url is working fine from browser with EDC_LDAP\username and password and returing me the json response.

      My question is how do i generate the basic auth code for this?
      I tried to generate the code from postman using entire EDC_LDAP\username and password but that is not working.
      Getting Below error:
      {"code":401,"message":"Full authentication is required to access this resource"}

      Any help on this is appreciated.